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Build Your Fresh Start

Reclaim your Home

Most of us have something in our lives we want to recalibrate. A new habit – new attitude – more family time – a quiet space to reconnect? Sometimes, we just need a fresh start. Together, we’ll discover your most essential desire and reclaim your home space to support this life vision. In our 20+ years of experience in design build, we’ve focused on stellar craftsmanship and exceptional service.  It’s been our pleasure to join hundreds of former clients on this journey.

Is Customizing enough?

If you want a true fresh start, you need to take Customization to the next level. Every recommendation we make will start and end with Personalization.

Does your Home support the Life and Family you Love?

Welcome to the #FreshStart Inspiration Gallery

Home design drastically affects our routines. Stop allowing your house to dictate how you live!

Building Fresh Starts is our mission.

We care about how your home inspires your life.

First Step: Understanding your core needs.

Hover over the following images to get inspired.

I want to incorporate quiet relaxation time into my daily routine.

We want spa treatment without leaving the house.

I want to awake slowly and peacefully, instead of frantically stressed.

I want to make cooking for my family fun again.

The Barnes Experience

We believe that the remodeling process is the beginning of an important relationship.

You share your family dreams with us.

You trust our design build expertise.

You invite us into your home.

Most people are jaded by contracting horror stories, approaching their home remodels with apprehension and mistrust. We understand this and we’ve staked our whole reputation on being the most trustworthy builders in the state.

Learn how our one of a kind Barnes Experience completely changes the game for Homeowners.

  • Quash Fear

    Fear is a normal response to change. Committing to a #freshstart and creating a space that supports the life you want is a big deal, and we take our responsibility in this process seriously.

    Learn How We QUASH FEAR

  • Reduce Stress

    Stress is often the result of poor planning. Most construction jobs require you to plan, hire, budget, and manage your remodel with many different contacts over an indefinite period of time. Sound appealing?

    Learn How We REDUCE STRESS

  • Eliminate Overwhelm

    The home remodeling process has a tendency to feel overwhelming due to the sheer volume of important decisions. Our process is designed to eliminate this issue from the start.


  • Budget Money

    The surest way to a contracting nightmare is not having a budgeting plan. Yet, this is one of the most overlooked steps in the process – a costly and frustrating mistake.


What Our Clients Are Saying

We aren’t just building houses; we’re building relationships

– with our customers and our community.

Your valuable insights help us continuously improve the Barnes Experience. With over 20 years experience and hundreds of families served, we are

overwhelmingly grateful for our Massachusetts community.

100% Recommendation Record


100% of our surveyed clients said they would recommend Barnes Building to their friends. See what else former customers had to say about our professionalism, budgeting plans, communication, construction quality, etc:

Client Testimonials

“Kevin communicated with us throughout the entire project and was quick to respond when we reached out with questions. In addition to the up-front planning meetings, he came by in person to check in on the work many times throughout the project, and kept us up to date on materials delivery, staff schedules, etc. via phone and email.”

West Boylston, MA

“They were awesome…they showed up every morning on time, explained what they were doing, and went about their work quietly and professionally, which was good since I work from home. They were great with our (overly) affectionate dog, and answered all of our questions thoroughly. Our siding installer (forget his name) was great — he would give us a recap every day of what he & his crew had done and what was next.”

Westborough, MA

“I know this may sound crazy, but I really appreciated The project management/billing practices Kevin uses. It was so easy to see where we were at, with the project status and budget allotment for each piece of the job. There would be little chance of a project getting out-of-control and over budget since every Friday you receive an update of a very detailed spreadsheet. Loved this!”

West Boylston, MA

“Kevin was extremely knowledgeable and thorough in the pre-project meetings we had. He explored all of our options, and made recommendations based on his experience. Throughout the project, he explained everything he and the crew did and made small recommendations along the way that made such a difference in the way our house turned out. Adding roof overhangs, wrapping our porch columns, etc. We couldn’t have possibly managed our project without Kevin and his crew.”

Westborough, MA

Our Craft

Our favorite part is seeing how our design supports your life dream. It’s important to us that your home is as functional as it is beautiful.

We want you to be inspired by how you feel in your new space.

The sky is the limit! (Well, your 10 foot ceilings on a load bearing wall are the limit, but whose counting?)

Contact us if you’d like to join the #FreshStart family. Here are a few examples of our craftsmanship:

In Case You Need Help

We’re here to answer any and all questions

Top 5 Special Report

Learn about the “Top 5 Things you should know before remodeling your home” in our exclusive special report. Don’t get started without this!

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We want you to have all relevant information before making big decisions. Check out our FAQ page – a fantastic design build guide for your remodel project.

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Barnes Manifesto

Barnes Building Manifesto: Why Personalizing (Not Customizing) your home is the key to Good Living

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