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Barnes Building and Remodeling


Barnes Building & Remodeling (BB&R) is your premier Design-Build Residential and Light Commercial building and remodeling company serving the Central MA Region.  We view our role with our clients as their “Trusted Advisor”.  Our mission is to work with our clients to ensure they plan and design the right project(s) to meet their wants, needs, and budget parameters.  We recognize that planning any kind of home remodeling or construction project can be a bit overwhelming, and Clients need someone who can guide them properly.  They need someone who “has their back”.

The services we offer and the product we deliver is what can be expected of a typical building & remodeling company.  The processes we follow, the delivery of the product, and the overall client experience that we deliver is what differentiates us from our competition.  Today’s homeowner is more savvy, better educated, and has access to more information via the web than ever before.  Every homeowner expects high quality work for a fair price – that is the baseline in our opinion, and is no longer a selling differentiator.  

What we offer our clients is the Peace of Mind that comes with the following:

  • Planning & designing the right project for your home, your neighborhood, your family, your lifestyle and your wallet.
  • Comfort in single-source accountability.  We own the process from start to finish and will assemble the right team of professionals to see your project through.  Think of a professional sports team:  You are the “Owner”, we are your “Coach” and we will assemble the right team of Assistant Coaches and Players.  Check out our Organizational Chart under our Process Link)
  • Having a team of professionals that is respectful of your home and family during the construction process.
  • Knowing you have a team of professionals that is consistently looking out for your best interest at all times.

For in Initial Fee Consultation, call 508-829-1900.  Or fill out our online Contact Us form.


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